Horror Art for Scary Movie Lovers

I absolutely LOVE scary movies! They are probably my favorite movie genre. My mother once asked me why people like scary movies. I’m not sure the ‘why’ for others, but for me it’s a mix of the monsters that appear and the feeling of never knowing what is about to happen next.

“Exorcist Girl” – Spray Paint on recycled table top wood

The “monsters” all have their own background story – who they are, where they come from, what they’re after….I like the idea that they are so real to the authors/creators that the individual “monster” has a whole story of it’s own.


For example, many people know all about vampires and Dracula but how many of you have read Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, or, what I would consider, the real Dracula story. I haven’t even read it and I just painted Dracula! It’s on my TBR list though! (that’s ‘to be read’ list) I went with the Bela Lugosi version for my paintings since that’s a classic Dracula to me.

“Regan” – Spray Paint

I also love the frighten, not-knowing-what-to-expect-next feeling that comes with every GOOD scary movie. I HAVE to either wear long sleeves or have a blanket, if I’m at home, while watching a scary movie so I can cover 90% of my eyes. I like to cover just enough where I will see what pops out but I feel that if my eyes are mostly covered I’m more prepared.

“Pennywise” – Spray Paint

Of course with ‘IT’ coming out everyone is talking about Stephen King and Pennywise. Its probably the most well known Stephen King story. I haven’t read the book but I’ve now seen both the 1990’s version and this year’s remake. I have to say both are creepy in their own way and no clowns will never be the same to anyone. I’m fortunate to have a boyfriend who will watch and go to scary movies with me, because not everyone will dare go through the experience. Before my big move I had my scary movie partner – my sister. We’d see every one that came out – our theater experience every time would be me covering my eyes and her grabbing my arm so very hard at every scary part. Sometimes she’d even scream OUT LOUD at the theater! (course then I’d just laugh and the frightened feeling would pass very quickly) We’d also have many “scary movie nights” with lots of food while catching up on classics like ‘Chucky’ and ‘Halloween’. If you’re a scary movie fan having a specific “scary movie partner” is important. Although you can watch them alone, its so much more fun to be scared with company!


I recently purchased some “luminous” spray paint since I’ve been doing so many horror/scary movie art. Wow! So fun! I am thinking about adding it to my horror art originals and not telling people (hehe).


Spray Paint by Catherine in this post:

Check my available to own page or Etsy shop RunningwSprayPaint for info on the originals you are able to purchase from this post. The first painting of the Exorcist Girl is currently hanging in a friend’s house 🙂

“Exorcist Girl”

On recycled table top wood

Medium: Spray Paint

Currently hanging in a friend’s house, hopefully scary all her guests!



9×12 canvas board

Medium: spray paint

Glows in the dark!



11×14 canvas board

Medium: spray paint

Glows in the dark!


“Dracula” (black, white colors)

11×14 canvas board

Medium: spray paint


“Pop Dracula” 

11×14 wrapped canvas

Medium: spray paint


I’m planning many more horror and scary movie art! It’s always tough to decide which is next! Watch for more to come and be sure to follow me on IG @catrunsandeats for the latest and greatest pieces!!!


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