Stickers Now Available!

Stickers now available in four different paintings! If you love the image but don’t have room for the original painting, a sticker is a great way to still enjoy it! 

Just in today – stickers of some of my most popular (and favorite) paintings.  

Order one, two, three or all four! Great for customizing your favorite things.  

The Dude 4.20″ x 5.64″

Unicorn 4.99″ x 3.60″ 

Hookah Smoking Caterpillar 4.57″ x 3.60″ 

Pop Audrey Hepburn 3.60″ x 5.11″ 

Etsy link for ordering stickers
$5 each

Discounts available only by contacting me directly.  Etsy is $5/each 

3/ $12 

4/ $15 

+ $2 Shipping
Contact me via contact form or email to order!  


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