Running Shoes Original Spray Paint Art 

One of my first pieces were my running shoes – literally MY shoes.  I used a picture I took of my running shoes as my inspiration. A custom order of these was actually my first sale too! I made these neutral color ones for my niece for her birthday. She doesn’t like much color for certain things so I kept the shoes neutral. Which she definitely noticed was painted just for her. 

She just moved into a house with her fiance and they are fixing up lots of the house – so fun!  

She made a workout area in their basement and my Running Shoes were a perfect addition. 

My “Running Shoes” make a great addition to any race wall, workout area, medal wall for a runner.  Makes a great gift too! I can do any colored shoes as a custom order, or check my Available to Own page for paintings currently available. 

“Running Shoes” 

12×12 wrapped canvas 

Medium: spray paint 

Made to order by contacting me or check my Available to Own page 


IG @catrunsandeats 


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