Had friends in town over the weekend and got to spend a whole day with them! First a run in the morning, then a day trip through the mountains to a lake for swimming, drinks and lunch, then out for dinner and drinks at night. Such a fun day!!! After that I was exhausted, but still pushed through and got two cow paintings done the next day.


Drive out along Fish Creek Hill (that’s just part of the road and not the ‘scary’ part)


Agave were in full bloom!


Apache Lake! Surrounded by mountains!


Dinner was downtown and we walked past a few amazing street art paintings on various buildings around Roosevelt Row.


Check out the colors used on this bee!


My cows…..

“Moo” – Spray Paint

I figured these would be really fun in someone’s kitchen or dining room. Well, actually my niece suggested I do a cow because everyone loves the farmhouse/rustic decor these days.


Whether you’re a “pop” or colorful person or more of a classic/real colors person, these cows would be the perfect addition to your kitchen!

‘Moo’ – Spray Paint

If I had a bigger kitchen, and not just my apartment kitchen, I’d definitely have this pink cow up!



16×20 Wrapped Canvas

Medium: Spray Paint

Check my Available to Own page or Etsy Shop: RunningwSprayPaint for purchasing options!



– Spray paint by Catherine





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