Art Swap!

I’m SOOOO excited about a recent order/swap that myself and someone I know from high school agreed to. She’s an amazing artist in Minnesota and I went to high school with her. She had commented on one of my Instagram posts about my paintings and we ended up making an agreement to send each other one of our pieces.

“Grace Kelly” – Spray Paint

Her idol is Grace Kelly and she said she’d love to have a painting of her so I found a gorgeous picture of Grace for inspiration and brought her to life in spray paint.


I’m getting an amazingly beautiful painting of Minnesota Birch Trees! I love the colors and it reminds me of home in the fall. I’m so excited to get this!



Find Stephanie’s amazing work on her Etsy site:

Stefanie A. Schmid Gallery


Art work details:

“Grace Kelly”

16×20 wrapped canvas

Shipping soon to Stefanie in MN!


“Minnesota Birch Trees”

16×20 canvas

On it’s way to Scottsdale to be hung in my living room!



– Spray paint by Catherine



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